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Personalized Care
Personalized Care
Putting Mother & Child FirstCaring Team

Things To Do

  1. Make an appointment


    Ask us any questions you may have including fee enquiries.

  2. Complete and submit the following 3 forms online:
    • Patient Information Details.
    • Medical History and
    • Past Obstetric History.

    Or alternatively arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to complete a paper version .

  3. Ensure you have a gp referral.

    Please bring this to your first appointment.

  4. Book your hospital

    A Glengarry Private Hospital Registration form will be posted to you if you have chosen this hospital.

    Alternatively, Glengarry Private Hospital has an Online booking registration form

    The SJOGH Booking Form will be available at your first visit.

  5. Bring a USB PORT to your first Doctor visit if you would like some baby pictures to take home.

  • Routine obstetric appointment dates
  • The risk of having a Down Syndrome baby based on age
  • Exercise Guidelines for Pregnancy
  • Outline of Antenatal Classes